Sanderson announces Morehead-Cain and Park Scholarship nominees


From left to right: Efhe Ikharo, Ashlyn Fidler, Olivia Lannom, Greear Webb, Lizzie Mcintosh, and Natalie Fidler

Sanderson has selected this year’s nominees for the prestigious Morehead-Cain and Parks scholarships. Seniors Olivia Lannom, Greear Webb, Natalie Fidler, and Lizzie Mcintosh are nominees for the Morehead Scholarship, while Efhe Ikharo and Ashlyn Fidler are selected for the Park Scholarship.

The Morehead-Cain Scholarship, founded in 1945, was the first merit scholarship established in the United States. It covers all expenses during four years of undergraduate studies at UNC Chapel Hill. Scholars have the opportunity to participate in the Morehead-Cain Summer Enrichment Program established in 1974. Its purpose is to help scholars learn about making an impact in the world. Throughout the course of the program, students gain confidence, independence, and hands-on experience.

“I feel pretty amazing about getting nominated.” says Lannom, a member of the Sandscript. “It’s really an honor. If I get the scholarship, I hope to have the resources to start research in neuroscience, while I also enrich myself and my learning through meeting other people with high goals.”

Named after Roy H. Park, the Parks Scholarship is awarded at North Carolina State University based on accomplishments and character. The four year scholarship is valued at up to $110,000, covering expenses ranging from books to supplies. Approximately 40 awards are given to in-state students each year. Scholars are also eligible for additional grants to further fund projects and research opportunities.

“I feel really honored,” Ikharo said. “It’s one of the top schools in North Carolina especially in design which is an area I am interested in. I’m hoping that I get to meet more people since the scholarship brings in people from all over the country.”

Best of luck to this hard-working group of selected students!