Class of 2019 junior marshals named

 After almost three years of intense schoolwork, the Class of 2019’s junior marshals have been named. The role of  “junior marshal” is awarded to the top 20 students in the class after five semesters of high school. As a marshal, the students are expected to attend six events, including the Senior Assembly, the Senior Picnic, and Graduation. Marshals are tasked with helping keep the events under control, and they act as help for administration. Although they might go unnoticed at times, they worked diligently throughout their high school experience in order to get to receive this honor.

  Female marshals are required to wear a knee-length white dress and nude shoes, while male marshals a blazer with a white button-down shirt and khaki pants. These do not seem like very distinguishable uniforms, but it is easy to identify a marshal by his or her red, white, and blue sash.

 Marshal Genevieve Fortier stated, “I am so excited to serve Sanderson this year! It is so much fun to attend the end of the year events, and I can’t wait to attend as a marshal.”

  Former marshal Nicole Mercer stated, “Being a marshal is one of the best experiences you can have. You get to serve the school and attend all of the senior events a year early.”

  If you find yourself at any end-of-the-year celebrations, keep a look out for any junior marshals. Congratulations to Shannon Aikens, Eric Alspaugh, Mason Atwell, Ben Bello, Maddie Blume, Alex Boyer, Ben Ellis, Ashlyn Fidler, Natalie Fidler, Genevieve Fortier, Julia Holoman, Calli Hooks, Mahmoud Hourani, Efhe Ikharo, Olivia Lannom, Thomas Macaulay, Lizzie McIntosh, Rachel Mohr, Nicole Moorefield, Steve Olson, Cassidy Orr, and Rachel Strawn.