Sanderson students explore different lunch options


Lane Swecker

Sanderson students enjoy their lunch in the library.

 All 2,000 students cannot fit in Sanderson’s cafeteria at once, which is why there are three lunches during the school day. However, not even one third of Sanderson’s student body can fit comfortably in the cafeteria at a time, so students are given a few options about where to eat. If the cafeteria is too crowded for a student’s liking, there are opportunities to eat with teachers, at PALS, or in the library. For juniors and seniors, eating off-campus is an additional privilege.

 Many teachers open their classrooms for students with their coinciding lunch period. Some even offer guidance and tutor students in their classes. Whether a student needs assistance in a class, time to read, do homework, or simply a quieter place to eat, a teacher’s classroom is always a good choice.

 The library is also a quiet place to eat and get work done. There are computers available and tables for working. Applications for library passes are available at the beginning of each semester, or daily passes can be obtained from a teacher.  

 The PALS program, which stands for Passing Along Lifelong Smiles, is a unique and fun opportunity for all of the school’s social groups to interact. The club is part of Sanderson’s AU program, and allows students with or without special needs to laugh and learn together. Sometimes the students eat outside or in the PALS classrooms, but during C lunch they play in the gym. PALS is a great opportunity to have fun and encourage others during lunch.

 Junior and senior students are able to go off campus for lunch with a $15 lunch pass if their GPA is above a 3.0. This opportunity is for trustworthy students who are able to get back to school on time and responsibly drive to lunch and back.

 All of these opportunities are available for Sanderson students during lunch. It is the school’s intent for every student to have a safe and comfortable environment to eat their lunches and do their work.