Music videos survive the test of time

Lately, music videos have shown that retro is the way to go. As old school clothing continues to ‘make a comeback, vintage isn’t just seen in the form of Polaroids, ski jackets and scrunchies. Retro has also become a recurring theme for music videos released this year.

 On January 4, Bruno Mars and Cardi B set the old school tone with their video for Finesse, a crunk beat with an equally stylin’ video. The artists were dressed head to toe in 90’s attire that paid homage to the R&B culture. The song and video intended to send viewers spinning back in time to feel the good vibes of years past. Mars stated, “Anytime you see us on tour, on TV, I want to be moving…I was very conscious of this album, and of the bounce.” The video, which Mars himself helped produce, is also an ode to the 90’s sketch comedy series, In Living Color. Mars and Cardi B surely achieved their aspirations for the video to be an attention grabber, as it became number 13 on Billboard’s Hot Digital Songs.

 Lil Dicky and Chris Brown produced their own throwback video for the single Freaky Friday, based on the 1976 (remade in 2003) movie. The video opens with an acting scene, as Lil Dicky sits in a Chinese restaurant and wishes on a fortune cookie to switch lives with Chris Brown. His wish comes true, and the two are seen waking up, bewildered by the overnight life changer. Just like the movie, the two stars began their days ecstatic with their new freedoms and lifestyle, but eventually wish for their old selves back, realizing they’re happiest when they’re in their own skin. The video bared a close resemblance to a comedy sketch, with clever hidden scenes here and there.

 Most recently released, Drake and Migos’ Walk It Talk It video channels some seriously 70’s vibes. The video looks like a scene straight from a Soul Train episode, as the musicians are decked out in plaid, afros, Jheri curls, and bell bottoms.

The producers and musicians among all three videos seemed to have the right idea. The videos have been gaining attention on Twitter, MTV, and other networks. Who doesn’t love a good throwback, even though most of us are too young to remember those glorious years?