Teen breaks retainer during Black Panther


Elite Daily

Michael B Jordan starring as Kilmonger in Black Panther.

 Michael B. Jordan has been making headlines for his groundbreaking performance in Black Panther, but recently he’s made the news for his retainer-breaking muscles. In preparation for the shirtless scenes and fight scenes in the movie, Jordan underwent a fitness training regime to make him appear incredibly strong for his role as Erik Killmonger. Many were overwhelmed by the passion Jordan put into his performance, but a good portion of viewers were equally impressed by Jordan’s physique.

 One 18-year old in particular got much more out of the movie than she bargained for. California teen, Sophia Robb, snapped the wire on her retainer watching the movie when Jordan took his shirt off as she clenched her teeth hard. While this experience is embarrassing enough on its own, Robb later discovered her orthodontist posted about the experience in Tumblr.

 She quickly went on Twitter with a screenshot of the post and wrote, “Wait. That girl is me. That’s my orthodontist’s tumblr. This is a post about me? I’m going to kill myself.” The hilarious situation went viral in a short matter of time.

 Jordan saw the tweet, followed the humiliated teen, and sent her a message saying he felt partially responsible for Robb’s retainer conundrum and offered to pay for replacement gear. Robb admits that she finds the whole situation more amusing than embarrassing, and in an interview with Teen Vogue said, “The idea of him [Jordan] seeing the post is so insane to me.”

 It was certainly not the story people expected to follow Black Panther. However, it is exciting to see the joy this movie has brought to viewers.