The odds are not in your favor


Bracketology is an important passtime throughout the month of March.

As the NCAA basketball tournament approaches, sports fans across the nation will attempt to create the perfect bracket. If a lucky participant were to accurately complete this daunting task, he or she would be showered with rewards and fame for completing the nearly impossible undertaking. According to Professor Jeff Bergen at DePaul University, the odds of having a perfect bracket are as high as one in 128 billion. However, other mathematicians estimate the probability of a winning bracket to be one in 9.2 quintillion.

  These impossible odds do not scare most participants, as The Bleacher Report stated that 70 million brackets were filled out in 2017. Even out of this insane pool, there is no record of a completely correct bracket in history. On the flip side, it is equally as likely to get a bracket completely incorrect, so at least everyone gets some games correct.

  Sanderson junior Steve Olson stated, “I love filling out a bracket because there’s always that chance that you might win. I like to look at stats and previous NCAA performances in order to determine my winning teams.”

 The official March Madness Bracket Challenge opens on March 11 at 7:30 pm EST, and the window for filling them out closes on March 15 when the first game of the tournament commences. Best of luck to anyone who wishes to participate!