Exploitation is unlucky for St. Patrick


Time and Date

A St. Patrick’s Day party in Nashville is wrongfully celebrated.

Companies often exploit holidays in hopes of increasing profits during a specific time of year. During the month of March, St. Patrick’s Day is no exception.

  Every year, March 17 is marked by all things green: dyed green foods, all green outfits, and even bodies of water like the Chicago River are dyed green. While the lucky four-leaf clover ostensibly inspired the prominence of green objects, most people who take part in these festivities do not know the reason for the celebration. Instead, they use it as an excuse to throw a party and get drunk.

  In Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a celebration of culture and religion held to honor the memory  of patron Saint Patrick. Throughout his life, St. Patrick devoted himself to spreading Christianity across Ireland. His legacy remains, as 78 percent of the Irish population identifies as Roman Catholic, according to Faith Survey.

   Americans desecrate the memory of St. Patrick and celebrate this religious holiday because large companies are able to sell their products for discounts or create St. Patrick’s Day themed items. This is not only unfair to people who respectfully observe the holiday, but it is also offensive due to the parties that fail to recognize the reason for the season. This year, make sure that you respectfully celebrate St. Patrick’s Day rather than buying another “kiss me I’m Irish” t-shirt.