“M A N I A” tops charts

Fall Out Boy released their new album “M A N I A” on January 29, 2018.


Fall Out Boy released their new album “M A N I A” on January 29, 2018.


 “M A N I A,” the seventh studio album by American rock band Fall Out Boy, was released January 19. The pop rock record features hit singles “Hold Me Tight or Don’t” and “Church.” This album is Fall Out Boy’s third number-one in a row, which is evidence of both the band’s talent and success.

 The album was originally supposed to be released September 15, 2017, but they pushed it back because “the album just wasn’t ready” and it “felt really rushed.” When Patrick Stump, the lead vocalist of Fall Out Boy tweeted this, it was not received very well, but fans can now enjoy the new album and determine if it was worth the wait. For a band this successful, the album’s tardiness was a let down for many fans. The band members, though, continue to stay positive, and they believe that the album they released is much better than it would have been if it was released months ago.

 “M A N I A” is very different than Fall Out Boy’s other more alternative punk albums. It is definitely soulful, but it is more pop than rock. The band has been popular for years now, and it appears they are taking on a fresh perspective.

 Even though the album was postponed, the band is still hosting their “M A N I A” world tour, from February 28 – October 10.