Seniors in last year
Jump into the Mind of a High School Senior
Katie Moore, Staff Writer • January 10, 2021

This past year was nothing if not a trial of adaptation and for many young adults these unexpected circumstances are associated with being a senior in high school.  The newly found independence, a byproduct of virtual...

Sanderson Spartans are using music to help them get through 2020.
Spartans Share Passionate Opinions on Music in 2020
Brooke Woods, Social Media Director • December 20, 2020

  While 2020 has been a dreadful year for many, artists in the music industry have been using their talents and releasing many different forms of content. The Sanderson High School Spartans have many differing opinions...

Senate elects Jon Ossoff (D) and Raphael Warnock  (D)with President Elect, Joe Biden (D)
Fate of the Senate Decided
Sam Conzola, Staff Writer • January 9, 2021

Which political party will control the United States Senate? With Democrats winning the Presidential election and maintaining control of the House of Representatives in the 2020 elections, it was paramount for the Republicans...

Betsy Wade was the first woman to edit news for The New York Times.
Remembering the Legacy of Journalist Betsy Wade
Lindsay DeAngelis, Culture Editor • December 12, 2020

  Betsy Wade, the first woman to edit news copy for The New York Times, has died in her home from colon cancer at the age of 91. The legacy she left for women in the journalism industry and her lasting impact is worth commemorating.     Wade...

  Biotech Companies have created possible vaccines for the Covid-19
FDA Requests Approve of CoronaVirus Vaccines
Dayna Martinez, Culture Editor • December 6, 2020

  Moderna, a biotech company, has discovered a possible CoronaVirus vaccine and calls for the Food and Drug Administration to approve it as soon as possible. According to Moderna, this vaccine is over 94% efficient.    CoronaVirus...

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Chick-fil-a at North Hills
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