Here are a few volunteering opportunities available around the Triangle.
Volunteer Opportunities Across Raleigh
Eli Morcos, News Editor • January 20, 2022

  Volunteering opportunities may be a little hard to come by, especially for students. Considering COVID restrictions, a busy school schedule, sports teams, and extracurricular activities, making extra time may be a tad...

Sandersons Student Equity Team broaches the topic of how cell phones can used to amplify student learning.
The Future of Technology & How It Can Affect Classrooms
Emma Valentin, Social Media Director • December 13, 2021

  Phones--the future of technology. Each day, we advance more and more in society. There are new creations introduced daily designed to gather anything we want to know in the palm of our heads.    Technology is used...

With gas prices on the rise nationwide, various sources of fuel discounts are being sought after by American citizens.
Thanksgiving Will Look Different Amid Supply Chain Hiccups
Eli Morcos, News Editor • November 20, 2021

  Necessities such as gas, and integral Thanksgiving cornerpieces are in limited supply approaching the holiday season. Considering these shortages and the ever changing variable that is COVID, Thanksgiving may lack crucial...

The long-awaited North Carolina State Fair arrives on October 14.
NC State Fair: Worth the Wait?
Angela Clese, Op-Ed Editor • October 19, 2021

  The North Carolina State Fair attracts thousands of people each year. Boasting attractions such as exhilarating rides, addictive games, and live entertainment, the fair is a memorable experience for people of all ages.   With...

This wasn’t the first Cuban revolution-- as thousands gathered in the streets last summer, the Latin-American community experienced gut-wrenching deja vu.
The Revolution Spurred by Art
Angela Clese, Op-Ed Editor • October 19, 2021

  “Patria y Vida”, chanted the Cuban protestors melodically as they gathered in the streets last summer-- a witty wordplay on the pro-government trademark that’s permeated their livelihoods for as long as they can...

Springmoor Retirement Community
LA Dance
Cheek Hill Orthodontics
Thanksgiving Day football with the NFL has been a tradition for nearly a century.
Turkey Day Touchdowns: A History of the Tradition
Elizabeth Phillips, Co-Editor in Chief • November 27, 2021

  Playing football on the last Thursday of November each year has been a Thanksgiving tradition for well over a century. Whether highschool athletes scrimmage, NFL staples...

Decorations for softballs senior day 2021
Playoff Loss ends Historic Softball Season
Sandscript Staff May 9, 2021

Rarely do you see athletes and coaches in good spirits and congratulating each other immediately after a loss, but that scene played out following the Spartans’ opening-round...

Riding a bike on the greenway
Riding a bike on the Sandy Creek Greenway
Masha Bobryk, Staff Writer • April 18, 2021
Chick-fil-a at North Hills
David M. Damare Team
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